IN (between) THE MOMENT 🌏

The feelings that stun or soothe me—-leave me speechless and force a deep inhale. They are in the moments between…timeless, effortless, and silent. It is the profound peace within as I see a magnificent sunset, hug one of my grandsons, or feel the pause between the notes in a favorite song— my soul sings and my mind is quiet.

I live for the moments between.

one ♥️



Surrounded by love-Give more, get more. (week 6)

Follow along with Naz’s journey….her blog posts are always insightful, honest, and inspiring.

Naz #Master Key Experience

I am cloaked in your love, “surrounded” by love. This beautiful song was sung to my fellow firefighters and EMT’s during our recent visit to the local Amish school during fire safety day. They were all so proud to share their song with us as we shared with them fire safety drills and gave them all little red fire helmets, coloring books, & crayons as they watched us demonstrate the equipment on the fire trucks and ambulances. They were so thrilled to operate the lights and sirens on the fire trucks. It was truly a day of giving more and getting so much more in return. My heart was filled with bliss. I’m loving the Master Key Experience course.

The next day I had the pleasure of giving out Halloween candy to the children on Lake Tomahawk in Squad Truck 45 with the lights flashing. I felt so happy to…

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MKE Week5 – Something is starting to crack through

Start with yourself….the rest will follow!!! Great blog post.

Living Life By Design

Something is different.  Literally today.  I feel a sense of something trying to crack through.  I’m not quite sure what it is.  I think its understanding.  Its not quite there yet though.  I’m fascinated and in wonder of it.  I feel I’m on the edge of understanding something that will transform what I get in life … of course by what I give.

Last week I was trying to make sense of giving and getting and how you have to give to get.  Yet I couldn’t quite make sense of how can you give if you haven’t got.  I suppose I was looking at giving things I didn’t have ‘spare’.  Surely, if I had it, I could give it.  So relaxing a little and seeing that as long as I have, I can give and I will get more …

If I don’t give I won’t get more.

That was…

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Firetrucks & Red Sox (week 3)

Naz #Master Key Experience

I can’t believe what a week this has been.

Last Thursday was “Chief’s night” aka training night at the fire station. We were scheduled to practice drafting water from the dump by the railroad tracks on the hill above Station 11.

When I got to the station our tones went off that we had a transformer fire.

So I get on my turn out gear and hop, actually struggle to get into to back of the fire engine and race to the scene. My adrenaline goes into overdrive getting mentally ready for the task at hand.

While in the back of the truck I record a quick Marco Polo to my tribe, The Royal 👑 Ones. All of a sudden I start seeing red circles everywhere. The flashing fire truck lights, the knobs controlling the 🚨 sirens, the red ⭕️ in a business sign. Now I’m laughing and my two…

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