Firetrucks & Red Sox (week 3)

Naz #Master Key Experience

I can’t believe what a week this has been.

Last Thursday was “Chief’s night” aka training night at the fire station. We were scheduled to practice drafting water from the dump by the railroad tracks on the hill above Station 11.

When I got to the station our tones went off that we had a transformer fire.

So I get on my turn out gear and hop, actually struggle to get into to back of the fire engine and race to the scene. My adrenaline goes into overdrive getting mentally ready for the task at hand.

While in the back of the truck I record a quick Marco Polo to my tribe, The Royal 👑 Ones. All of a sudden I start seeing red circles everywhere. The flashing fire truck lights, the knobs controlling the 🚨 sirens, the red ⭕️ in a business sign. Now I’m laughing and my two…

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