MKE Week5 – Something is starting to crack through

Start with yourself….the rest will follow!!! Great blog post.

Living Life By Design

Something is different.  Literally today.  I feel a sense of something trying to crack through.  I’m not quite sure what it is.  I think its understanding.  Its not quite there yet though.  I’m fascinated and in wonder of it.  I feel I’m on the edge of understanding something that will transform what I get in life … of course by what I give.

Last week I was trying to make sense of giving and getting and how you have to give to get.  Yet I couldn’t quite make sense of how can you give if you haven’t got.  I suppose I was looking at giving things I didn’t have ‘spare’.  Surely, if I had it, I could give it.  So relaxing a little and seeing that as long as I have, I can give and I will get more …

If I don’t give I won’t get more.

That was…

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