I am an RN, a former instructor of Martial Arts, MKE guide. I love vibrant people and places, natural sounds of jocular discourse, music playing, dancing in the street, stirring up with raucus sounds of joyful children mashed up with awesome, unexpected adventure and hidden treasures. My passport is in my pocket. Let’s go!!! I have a passion for music —my favorites; reggae, R&B, Latin Jazz, Reggaeton, Aaron Neville, and Bob Marley as well as Cuban and Brazilian Jazz. Many more.

A farmers market in Salem, MA, or Camden, Maine; or a loud and colorful market in the Caribbean or Sicily, is a dream come true for me. Haggling and scoring the very best. I am mesmerized by the colors and aroma, herb, veggies, fruit, and flowers of color and magical form….my body and mind absorb the life force. My love of freshly grown food continues from my youth where working in Dad’s garden is a golden memory of my summers.

My life has unfolded in magnificent ways that stun me every morning when I rise. Life is the adventure.



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