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LMM 23 Let Go and Fly…you have wings

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down”…Ray Bradbury

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him (her:Lucinda) free”…Michelangelo

I remember watching my daughter take off on her bicycle for the first time… she flew across the common fast and confidently, then she looked back towards me and crashed. No bumps or bruises were stopping her…she got up, was back on her bike in seconds, and continued to fly. She trusted her little wings.

I have learned many skills during the last six months, developed new habits, questioned my old patterns of behavior and moved forward in many areas of my life. Everyday I plan a challenging activity to recover my true self and chip away at the exquisite marble. My highest self resides encased in that beautiful marble. I trust (more and more) that my fledgling  wings are emerging and flourishing to carry me forward fearlessly.

one love



Take another shot; your life will change as the pictures and thoughts in your mind change. Recently, I was sorting through old photos and boxed mementoes from years ago.  This experience has, in the past, been a surefire trigger for memories and feelings that have built a safe room trapping my future self. The memories were stark, sometimes sweet, at times a glimpse of abandoned hopes and dreams. It was different this time. I was thrilled to see my happy moments and accomplishments shining–melancholy and regret were taking a back seat.

The negative voice in my head is clearly and progressively fading, becoming faint and powerless. I am NOT rewriting history. My thinking has changed and my focus has changed. I am able to apply the seven laws of the mind (more) skillfully and more quickly.  I choose to flip destructive thoughts and feelings; transforming them into positive, productive action.

I feel alive, exhilarated, and excited about my future. Miracles are happening every day and the music of life is  playing my song.



I Love You. I always keep my promises.